Saturday, August 9, 2008

Las Vegas

Danny in our NYNY hotel relaxing after our drive. Merrick was amazed at the view... I couldn't help but have a knot in my stomach wathing him up on that glass. We were on the 15th floor.

Here we are our first night at Chen's Chinese food in NYNY. The best chinese place ever. (Our family has discovered from our various Vegas trips:)

There is also a Coca Cola store in Vegas. (my favorite of them all... )
Here we are. Lindsay, Bailee, Mom, Me and Kassady. Not all of our family was able to come. We missed Hayley and her family, Mallory since she had a very important interview with Banner, Lance and Jen, and Brady and Carlie didn't stop by Vegas. By the way, we are on our way to our Lewis family reunion at Bear Lake in Utah. We always look for an excuse to stop by in Vegas and have a blast at all of our favorite spots. So since it was on the way....

This giant piano was in the toy store. My nieces dancing on it.
The M&M store was Lily and Macy's favorite.

Here we are our at Cheese Cake Factory. Yum, yum.

Grandpa getting shelter from the rain inside the Planet Hollywood with Lily's new M&M umbrella. There is a gigantic mall inside and in the middle of the mall, it starts to storm every hour. The ceiling is amazing architecture, and it really looks like the real sky. When it storms there is rain, thunder and all. Even the ceiling gets dark and cloudy. LOVED IT!

Here we are in Cesar's Palace.
The girl's loved the big FAO Schwartz Toy store there.
It's the big, famous toy store in NYC.

Not sure they are allowed to do this, but makes for a cute picture.

They each picked out a toy doggie. Unfortunately everything
else was much too expensive, like this piano Macy fell in love with.
price tag on this $120.00


Kassady said...

ahh that trip was so fun. cute pics

Ben and Maggie said...

Looks like fun, I like Danny's faux hawk.