Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Memorial Day

Over the past few years, my brother Brady and I have made a "tradition" somewhat, to go with our families on Memorial Day to visit our Grandpa's grave site. This year my sister Mallory joined us too! He served as a pilot in WWII and we feel it's a perfect time to remember him as well as my Grandma on this day. Thanks Carlie for the flowers! You never miss the important details that I ALWAYS forget. =)

After the visiting the grave site, we went to my sister Lindsay's house to celebrate Maddie turning 3. We swam and ate... and Merrick had a blast with Daddy, shooting hoops!

I love his face in the one below. Totally trying his HARDEST to get the basketball in the hoop. You can see it right on his face like, "come on, come one... I got it!" I love it! He would clap "yeah" every time he got it in the hoop. He LOVES balls. If he can throw it, it's a ball. He grabs magnets off the fridge and says "ball" and then chucks it across my kitchen. To him, if he can throw it, then it's a BALL. LOL