Saturday, September 27, 2008

10K in Flagstaff

Today I accomplished a huge goal.
I ran my first 10k with my good friend Ami Bethea, and my sister
Mallory. This race is known as the most "scenic and difficult in the Southwest". The extremely HIGH elevation made it very
difficult to breathe, not to mention, it was very rough terrain. Just to give you an idea, it's like hiking up, UP, a big mountain- but running!

A Few Memories of the Race:
1.No trails
2. Feeling like I was suffocating
3. stumbling over log stumps and rocks
4. twisting both ankles
5. allergic reaction to something in the air
6. a rock stuck in my shoe (that I stopped and tried to get out 3x.)
7. my Ipod quitting on me!

It was so hard, but I feel great knowing I finished and
that I can do it,

Here we are after we finished the race.

YEA! We did it!